• We are not the CCMA. – If you are an employee needing help please contact the CCMA.
  • We are a paid-for service provider and do not give free labour related advice. – If you need advice please contact the CCMA.
  • If you need assistance and are willing to pay for our services, please continue reading.

Willem van Romburgh holds accreditation and the expertise to provide any of the following services to employers:


  • Drafting and implementation of disciplinary codes and other policies

Disciplinary Enquiries

  • Chairing and initiating

CCMA and Bargaining Councils

  • Condonation
  • Conciliation
  • Arbitration


  • Negotiations

Services are offered on an ad hoc basis as well as on a monthly retainer. You will, however, be required to become a member of the employers’ organisation.