Our investigators had been involved in investigations on matters ranging from simple thefts to human trafficking and everything in between.

With ALL of us being former SAPS detectives we focus on investigations where the SAPS fails to meet the requirements of the general public and businesses.


Examining of test charts is done by a computer. There is absolutely no chance of human error or manipulation in this process.

Results are instantly available. The innocent can be cleared right-away and the focus can be shifted solely on the less innocent parties.


Whether wanting to recover valuable lost data, or needing to uncover secrets you will find our digital expert’s experience valuable. As a former member of the Hawks and heading their digital forensics division you will not find his equal easily.


Having legal representation with our justice system is essential. Having a legal representative with more than 20 years’ experience putting people behind bars, is priceless.


Many companies from time to time has doubt about the financial records, very small profit margins, or that expensive holiday their business partner is taking.

A standard audit by auditors may not always reveal “the little secrets” if hidden well. As fraud investigators we know all the little hiding places used in what we call “creative accounting”.

Welcome to the ONE-STOP investigating world of Brink & Van Romburgh Legal Consultants – BVR Legal.

South Africa is flooded with a vast number of people offering Private Investigation Services. Some of them are former Police officials, who, ironically, were not all involved in investigations whilst working in the SAPS and some of them are security experts. The question is, which Private Investigation firm is the better option? To confuse matters even more, there is a continuous battle when it comes to deciding which method is the best, i.e. bio-feedback polygraph testing or voice stress analysis testing. The problem is, what is commonly accepted in a criminal court as evidence, might not be accepted in a disciplinary hearing and vice versa. So much confusion! How is the poor consumer supposed to know what to do…?

Why are we different?

Lotie Brink is a specialist investigator with more than 26 years of investigation experience. He is a qualified Advocate and if there is something he doesn’t know about the law, it’s not worth knowing.

Willem van Romburgh is an award winning former SAPS investigator with more than 26 years of investigation experience. He has more than 18 years’ experience as labour law specialist and is accredited with the AHI Employers Organisation to represent employers.

Karin de Witt is a SAIPA registered professional accountant. She is suitably qualified and experienced to provide unparalleled forensic auditing services.

In short: Our team consist of some of the best operators in the industry and we provide a one-stop solution for all your needs.



  • Criminal Investigations
  • Internal (Company) Investigations
  • Special Investigations


Forensic Acquisitioning, Examination and Analysis of digital devices and data.

This includes the recovery of lost / deleted / formatted data and partitions.


  • Audits for Internal and Criminal Investigations
  • Audits in Divorce Matters
  • Audits in Dissolutions


  • First- and third-party debt / asset collections across all sectors
    • Recover of small and large amounts/ assets
    • Locating of untraceable debtors
    • Thorough financial investigations of debtors


  • Contracts
  • Applications


  • Procedures
  • Disciplinary Enquiries
  • CCMA and Bargaining Councils
  • Unions


  • Voice Stress Analysis
  • Bio-Feedback Testing


We are a third party, paid for subscription service who deals with information regarding our subscribers.

You can report the following about our subscribers: suspicious behaviour, dishonest employees, bad service, bad driving.

Advantages include: Improved business, Decreased losses, Less dishonesty.